A magnificent antoninianus of Tacitus with a spectacular bust type
Lot 2061
Tacitus, 275-276. Antoninianus (Bronze, 23 mm, 4.16 g, 6 h), Siscia, early-June 276. IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG Radiate and cuirassed bust of Tacitus to right, holding eagle-handed pugio in his left hand; breastplate decorated with aegis. Rev. ROMAE AETERNAE / V Roma seated left on shield, holding Victory in her right hand and long scepter in her left. RIC -. RIC V online 3840. Of the highest rarity, the third known example. A magnificent piece with a spectacular bust type. Extremely fine.

From the Dr. J. V. van Erp Collection, acquired before 1972.
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