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Yves Gunzenreiner

Chief Executive Officer
+41 52 214 11 10

Lars Rutten

Chief Numismatic Officer
+41 52 214 11 10

Dr. Urs Arnold

Chief Operating Officer
+41 52 214 11 10

Ken McDevitt

CEO Leu Numismatik USA, Inc.
+1 223 403 0609

Michael Brändli

Chief Finance Officer
+41 52 214 11 10

Dr. Piotr Tomczyk

Senior Numismatist
+41 52 214 11 10

John C. Lavender

John C. Lavender, LLC
+41 52 214 11 10

Graziella Micale

Head of Administration
+41 52 214 11 10

Franziska Leumann

+41 52 214 11 10

Lena Krumschmidt

Inventory Specialist
+41 52 214 11 10

Johannes Gunzenreiner

+41 52 214 11 10

Philip Reisdorf

Coding Continuum GmbH
Software Developer
+41 52 214 11 10

Jan Pajdak

Software Developer
+41 52 214 11 10
Us: Experts in numismatics.
Coins and numismatics are our passion. We would like to share this with you. Whether in gold, silver or bronze: coins are so much more than heads or tails. They are an expression of history and a good investment.

Finding your way in the world of coins requires knowledge, experience and reputability. We offer all of these things, acting for you competently and individually. Are you looking for experts in Greek, Roman, Byzantine, medieval or modern numismatics? You are in the right place.

Auctions: The hour of coins. Spring and autumn are the seasons for coins to shine. In these seasons, buyers, art enthusiasts and collectors alike find themselves at Leu auctions in Zurich to experience the change in ownership of selected rarities and numismatic specialities.
These treasures are published in high quality catalogues, which receive the attention of an international clientele. A thrilling experience for every coin lover.

Whether on a small budget or a discerning collector: There are interesting pieces to be found for every enthusiast in our regular web auctions. Modern auction software enables us to process your orders and consignments swiftly and efficiently.

Offer: Expect a lot.
The market is changing rapidly. The reliability and integrity of Leu Numismatik AG remains. What is more: As a customer, you can expect a wide selection of items and multifaceted service. No matter whether it is about selling or purchasing, consignment or representing you in an auction. We can advise you in collecting, investment, and valuing. We will even authenticate coins for you. Because coins are our passion. They make us who we are. And we are there for you.


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