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UNCERTAIN GERMANIC TRIBES, Aurum Barbarorum. Late 3rd-early 4th centuries. Aureus (Subargentum, 20 mm, 6.20 g, 12 h), 'Tetrarchic Adventus Group C'. Imitating Diocletian, 284-305, or Maximianus, 286-305. OIIՒIISHՒD - O - O - OIISIICMSHC Laureate head of Diocletian or Maximianus to right. Rev. IIS - ITII - SIO - O - I / ISIO Diocletian or Maximianus on horseback to left, heavily stylized, holding patera in his right hand and the tail of the horse in his left; above to left and behind the horse tail, two wheels. Aurum Barbarorum -. With original suspension loop. A charming piece of particularly attractive imitative style. Minor breaks in plating, otherwise, very fine.

<br />What makes this piece particularly attractive is the depiction of two wheels in the left reverse field. The emergence of random wheels in the fields is something we more commonly associate with the coinage of the Gallic Celts; both here and there, the wheels are likely derived from depictions of bigae or quadrigae on Greek or Roman prototypes, from which they then detached in the minds of the artists.
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