A wonderful rendering of Pegasos
MYSIA. Lampsakos. Circa 411 BC. Stater (Electrum, 18 mm, 15.08 g). Forepart of Pegasos to left; below, Ξ; around, grapevine with leaves and bunches of grapes. Rev. Quadripartite incuse square; two quarters raised. Baldwin, Electrum, p. 8, 1 and pl. I, 12a-k. BMC pl. XVIII, 8 (same dies). Jameson 1432 (same dies). SNG Paris 1112 (same dies). SNG von Aulock 1292 (same dies). Traité II, 327 and pl. VIII, 4 (same dies). A very attractive, boldly struck and lightly toned piece, with a wonderful rendering of Pegasos. Minor marks, otherwise, about extremely fine.

Privately acquired from Bank Leu in February 1972.
Price: 22,500 CHF


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