Very rare and among the finest known
Lot 6
CELTIC, Northwest Gaul. Aulerci Eburovices. Late 2nd to first half of 1st century BC. Half Stater (Gold, 20 mm, 3.40 g, 10 h), 'au loup' type. Celticized laureate head of Apollo to left, the hair devolved into pellets, lines and curls and ending in a cloverleaf-shaped ornament; on cheek, two straight lines of pearls. Rev. Celticized charioteer driving biga to right, holding reins with his right hand; below, wolf standing right; before the horse, star. DT 2394. LT 7017. Scheers, Eburovices pl. II, 2-3. Very rare and undoubtedly among the finest known. A wonderful, very well struck example of fine style. Very light marks on the cheek, otherwise, extremely fine.

From the Keltika Collection, Switzerland.
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