A wolf holding a human hand in his jaws
Lot 622
LYCAONIA. Laranda. Philip II, as Caesar, 244-247. Diassarion (Bronze, 26 mm, 12.45 g, 7 h). M IOYΛION ΦΙΛIΠΠOC KAIC Bare-headed, draped and cuirassed bust of Philip II to right, seen from behind. Rev. CЄB ΛAPANΔЄΩN / MHTPO / KOINON wolf standing left, holding human hand in jaws. SNG von Aulock 5401 = Von Aulock, Lykaonien, 134 (same dies). Very rare and in exceptional condition for the issue. Patina stripped, otherwise, good very fine.

Louis Robert was the first to recognize that the wolf on this enigmatic issue is holding a human hand in its jaws (Centennial Publication of the ANS (1958), p. 579). Unfortunately, the exact meaning of the type is unclear, but it probably referred to a well-known local myth that needed no additional explanation at the time.
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