A rare Persian tetradrachm from Caria
Lot 447
PERSIA, Achaemenid Empire. Time of Artaxerxes III to Darios III, circa 359/358-333 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 24 mm, 13.50 g, 8 h), Chian standard, uncertain mint in Caria, 341-333. 𐡔 - 𐡈𐡈 The Persian Great King, wearing kidaris and kandys, in kneeling-running stance to right, drawing bow. Rev. Warrior, wearing kyrbasia, on horseback right, thrusting spear with his right hand; above to right, star. Konuk, Influences, Group 8, 2 and pl. XXX, 22. SNG Ashmolean (Caria) 381. Rare. Light die rust on the obverse and areas of flatness, otherwise, good very fine.
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