A very rare tetradrachm from Akragas
Lot 56
SICILY. Akragas. Circa 409-406 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 25 mm, 16.67 g, 4 h). AKPAΓANTIΩN Nike driving quadriga galloping to left, holding the reins of two horses with her right hand, those of the two other horses and a kentron with her left; above to left, a vine with a bunch of grapes. Rev. [ΣTPATΩN] Two eagles standing left on a dead hare which lies upon a rock, the closer eagle has his wings closed and raises his head, the one in the back has his wings open and bends his head to the hare; to right, head of a youthful horned river-god to right. Dewing 564 (same dies). Jameson 511 (same dies). Rizzo pl. III, 1 (same dies). Seltman, Engravers 12 (H/I). Very rare. A beautifully toned example of splendid Classical style. Minor cleaning marks from removing horn silver, otherwise, good very fine.

From the M.G. Collection, formed in the 1980s and 1990s.

The late 5th century silver coinage of Akragas has long been credited as being among the most artistic of all Greek coins. The series included the famous Akragantine dekadrachm and was originally believed to commemorate the victory of Exainetos of Akragas at the Olympic Games in 412 BC. More recent scholarship indicates, however, that these coins were part of the preparations of the city for the upcoming clash with Carthage. The war ended in disaster, as in 406, the Carthaginian army took Akragas by storm and burned it to the ground - a blow from which the city never fully recovered.
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