An extremely rare and most attractive denarius of Numerian
Lot 315
Numerian, 283-284. Denarius (Silvered bronze, 19 mm, 2.87 g, 6 h), Lugdunum, spring-summer 283. IMP NVMERIANVS AVG Laureate and cuirassed bust of Numerian to right, holding spear over his left shoulder. Rev. SPES PVBLICA Carinus and Numerian on horseback to right, both raising their right hands in salute. Bastien 526 (three secimens, same dies). Cohen 90 var. = RIC p. 192, note 1 var. (differing bust type). Extremely rare. Well struck and nearly fully silvered, the best of only four known examples. A very interesting issue and in exceptional condition for this denomination. Very light roughness on the obverse, otherwise, virtually as struck.

This coin is part of a special emission struck in spring-summer 283, at the beginning of Carus' Persian campaign, to celebrate the elevation of Carinus and Numerian to the rank of augusti. Carus was the first emperor since Gallienus who had adult sons, and he not only used this to entrust the western part of the empire to his firstborn Carinus while campaigning with his younger son Numerian in the East, but also for his imperial propaganda. The reverse of this denarius praises Carinus and Numerian as the 'public hope', thus announcing the beginning of a new and prosperous era under the rule of the dynasty of Carus.
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