Lightly toned and with an elegant portrait
Lot 94
SICILY. Syracuse. Philistis, wife of Hieron II, 275-215 BC. 16 Litrai or Tetradrachm (Silver, 26 mm, 13.55 g, 3 h), circa 240-218/5. Diademed and veiled bust of Philistis to left; behind, wreath. Rev. ΒΑΣΙΛΙΣΣΑΣ - ΦΙΛΙΣΤΙΔΟΣ Nike driving slow quadriga to right, holding reins in both hands; above, Φ. Burnett, Enna, 25 (same dies). CCO 171 (D13/R23). SNG Lloyd 1544 (same dies). Lightly toned and with an elegant portrait. Minor flan faults on the obverse, otherwise, about extremely fine.

Ex Hess-Divo 332, 31 May 2017, 18 and 51 Gallery, 9 December 2013, 68 and previously privately acquired from Anne Demeester.

Queen Philistis is known only from her coins, which were called Philistideia, and from an inscription in the theatre of Syracuse (IG XIV 3), where her name appears alongside that of Queen Nereis, who was a daughter of Pyrrhos of Epeiros and the wife of Gelon, the son of the king, Hieron II (275-215 BC). Given this connection and the large output of coins in Philistis' name, it is very likely that she was Hieron's wife.
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