A beautiful antoninianus of Divus Nigrinian
Lot 299
Divus Nigrinian, died circa 284. Antoninianus (Silvered bronze, 23 mm, 3.55 g, 11 h), Rome, 284-285. DIVO NIGRINIANO Radiate head of Divus Nigrinian to right. Rev. CONSECRATIO / KAA Eagle standing facing, wings spread and head turned to left. Cohen 2. RIC 472. Venèra 3774-80. Rare. Very well struck and with a lovely portrait of the deified heir to the throne. Minor flan fault on the obverse, otherwise, extremely fine.

We only know Nigrinian from coins depicting him as a deified child and from a single inscription from Rome, which refers to him as DIVO NIGRINIANO NEPOTI CARI, meaning 'to the deified Nigrinian, grandson of Carus' (CIL 6, 31380). Given that the coins minted in honor of Nigrinian were issued by Carinus, he is commonly presumed to be Carinus' son (with Magnia Urbica possibly being his mother), although theoretically Numerian could also be his father.
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