A beautiful carpentum sestertius of Livia
Lot 231
Julia Augusta (Livia), Augusta, 14-29. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 36 mm, 26.77 g, 4 h), Rome, struck under Tiberius, 22-23. S•P•Q•R / IVLIAE / AVGVST Ornate carpentum drawn by two mules to right; statuettes at each corner of cart bed supporting an arched and elaborately-decorated canopy; side panel between statuettes decorated with two dancing figures. Rev. TI•CAESAR•DIVI•AVG•F•AVGVST•P•M•TR•POT•XXIIII around large S•C. BMC 76. CBN 55. Cohen 6. RIC 51. A beautiful example of this popular issue, struck on a broad flan and with a lovely dark olive-green patina. Very minor smoothing and with light cleaning scratches, otherwise, about extremely fine.

From an old Swiss Collection started in the 19th century.

As the wife of the first emperor and the mother of the second, Livia enjoyed tremendous social prestige, even if she was condemned by later senatorial authors for her intrusions in the political sphere. One of the many privileges she earned was to be carried during processions in a so-called carpentum, an ornate covered carriage usually drawn by two mules. This right was exclusively reserved for priests and Roman matrons, as the use of carriages was otherwise forbidden within the city of Rome during the Republic and early Principate, no doubt to improve traffic flow in an already congested city.
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