Among the finest known denarii of Sabinus with the abduction of the Sabine women
Lot 200
L. Titurius L.f. Sabinus, 89 BC. Denarius (Silver, 20 mm, 4.00 g, 1 h), Rome. SABIN Bare-headed and bearded head of King Titus Tatius to right; in field to right, TA. Rev. L•TITVRI The abduction of the Sabine women: two Roman soldiers, facing each other, each carrying off a Sabine woman in his arm. Babelon (Tituria) 1. Crawford 344/1a. RBW -. Sydenham 698. Beautifully toned and very well struck, an exceptionally attractive piece of magnificent style and undoubtedly among the finest known. Very thin flan crack, otherwise, virtually as struck.

From an old Swiss collection started in the 19th century.

Shortly after Rome's founding by Romulus, the nascent Roman state found itself in dire straits, as there were not enough women to sustain the population for long. Although the Romans entreated their neighbors for the right to marry their women, none were particularly inclined to agree, as they feared it would grow Rome's power. A plot was then devised by the Romans: they would organise a festival in honor of Neptunus Equestris to which they would invite their neighbors, and at a given signal, they would take the women by force, as depicted on the reverse of this wonderful denarius.

Unsurprisingly, war quickly followed, and though the Romans were initially successful, the Sabines, under leadership of their king, Titus Tatius, who is depicted on the obverse of our wonderful denarius, nearly captured Rome. As the battle raged, the Sabine women intervened, throwing themselves between their husbands and fathers in hopes of ending the bloodshed. Peace was concluded, and the Sabines joined the Romans as one nation, with Titus Tatius ruling jointly with Romulus, thus securing the future of the Roman state.
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