An extremely rare early Rhodian stater from Lindos
Lot 117
ISLANDS OFF CARIA, Rhodos. Lindos. Circa 475-460 BC. Stater (Silver, 25 mm, 13.65 g, 6 h). Head of a roaring lion to right. Rev. ΛΙИ-Δ-[Ι]ΟИ Dolphin swimming right; pellet below; all within incuse square. Cahn, Lindos, Group H. CNG 124 (2023), 226 = Triton XXIII (2020), 438. Gorny & Mosch 280 (2021), 310 var. (slightly differing reverse legend). HGC 6, 1399 = SNG Ashmolean 522 (same dies). HN online 1462. Jameson 2312 = Kunstfreund 12 (same dies). Kraay & Hirmer 781 = Traité I, 781 (same dies). Extremely rare, apparently only the sixth known example. A beautiful example of this important early Rhodian issue. Struck from the ususal worn obverse die and with a minor die break on the reverse, otherwise, very fine.

From a European collection, formed before 2005.

Before the island of Rhodes united in 408/7 BC to form the polis of Rhodes with a new capital at the northern tip of the island, it was dominated by the triad of Ialysos, Kamiros, and Lindos. The latter was founded in the 10th century BC by Doric immigrants on the site of a former Mycenaean settlement. With its impressive acropolis situated between two natural harbors, Lindos dominated the eastern coast of Rhodes and served as an important cult center not only for the local population but for the entire island community, with its temples dedicated to Athena Lindia and Zeus Polieus situated on the citadel hill. In the 7th century BC, Lindos, along with the cities of Kamiros, Ialysos, Kos, Knidos, and Halicarnassus, joined together to form the Doric Hexapolis, a league of cities likely constituted in response to the establishment of the Ionic League.

In the 5th century, when our coin was struck, Lindos was one of the founding members of the Delian League and paid a relatively high annual tribute of 8 talents and 2500 Attic drachms (= 50,500 drachms), which was raised to 10 talents = 60,000 drachms in 450 BC and further increased to 15 talents = 90,000 drachms in 421 BCE. These figures attest to the economic power of the city, which became wealthy through maritime trade thanks to its two excellent harbors. Even after the founding of Rhodes city, Lindos retained its significance as a religious center, and its temple precinct on the acropolis was generously expanded. Today, the ancient ruins overlaid by a mighty Knights Hospitaller castle constitute one of Rhodes' most important tourist attractions, visited annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists.
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