A beautifully toned didrachm from terina from the Kunstfreund Collection
Lot 20
BRUTTIUM. Terina. Circa 420-400 BC. Didrachm or Nomos (Silver, 21 mm, 7.51 g, 4 h). TEPI-NAI-O-N Head of the nymph Terina to right, wearing pearl necklace and with her hair bound in a sphendone ornamented with a maeander pattern; behind her neck, Π. Rev. Nike seated left, wearing kiton and himation, resting her right hand on kerykeion and placing her left on cippus inscribed Π; in upper left field, A. Gillet 335 (this coin). HN Italy 2603. Holloway & Jenkins 48. Regling -. SNG ANS -. Beautifully toned and struck in very high relief from a wonderful obverse die. Minor die breaks on the reverse and with some edge filing, otherwise, good very fine.

From the T. Frisbie Collection and that of W. B. and R. E. Montgomery, Triton XI, 8 January 2008, 32, ex Triton V, 15 January 2002, 1148, Classical Numismatic Group 50, 23 June 1999, 457, and from the collection of C. Gillet ('Kunstfreund', 1879-1972), photofile no. 335.
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