Arguably the finest known issue of Agrippa and his son Agrippa Postumus
Lot 1517
BITHYNIA. Apamea. Agrippa, died 12 BC, with Agrippa Postumus, Caesar, 4-6 AD. Assarion (Bronze, 22 mm, 7.07 g, 12 h). M AGRIPPA TR POT C I C Bare head of Agrippa to right. Rev. [A]GRIPPA•AVG NE[PO] Head of Agrippa Postumus to right. RPC I 2011. Very rare. In exceptional condition for this historically important issue, arguably the finest known example. Somewhat rough and the reverse struck off center, otherwise, about very fine.

From a European collection, formed before 2005.

Agrippa Postumus was born three months after his father, Agrippa, passed away in 12 BC (hence the epithet 'Postumus'). The son of Augustus' greatest general and his daughter, Julia, Postumus was closely associated with the imperial domus. Augustus first refrained from adopting the young boy so that he would carry on the name of his closest friend, however, when Lucius and Gaius died in 2 and 4 AD, respectively, the emperor adopted both Tiberius and Agrippa Postumus, who now was his only remaining biological grandson.

Unfortunately, the young prince showed little interest in politics and soon gained a reputation of brutality, insolence and violence, prompting Augustus to depose and exile him in 6 AD. From 7 AD onwards, Postumus was held captive on the island of Planasia (Pianosa). Tacitus and Cassius Dio report that Augustus visited his grandson shortly before his death in 14 AD, leading to the rumor that the old emperor's intent was to appoint Postumus as his successor. However, there is no evidence for this, and Postumus was killed either shortly before or after Tiberius' accession to power on 19 August 14 AD.
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