A wonderful portrait of Perseus of exceptionally fine style
Lot 1071
KINGS OF MACEDON. Perseus, 179-168 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 31 mm, 16.86 g, 12 h), Attic standard, Pella or Amphipolis, circa 173-172/1. Diademed head of Perseus to right. Rev. BAΣI-ΛEΩΣ / ΠEΡ-ΣEΩΣ Eagle with spread wings standing right on thunderbolt; above, monogram of AY; to right, monogram of HP; between the eagle's legs, AN; all within oak wreath; in exergue, plow to right. Mamroth, Perseus, 15. McClean 3675. Lightly toned and with a wonderful portrait of exceptionally fine style. Minor flan faults on the reverse, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.

From the collection of Regierungsrat Dr. iur. Hans Krähenbühl, Leu 8, 23 October 2021, 56 and previously privately acquired from Bank Leu on 17 January 1975.
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