A rare and unusually complete sestertius of Aemilian
Lot 4833
Aemilian, 253. Sestertius (Orichalcum, 30 mm, 18.58 g, 12 h), Rome. IMP CAES AEMILIANVS P F AVG Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Aemilian to right, seen from behind. Rev. APOLLO CONSERVAT / S - C Apollo standing front, head to left, holding branch in his right hand and resting his left on lyre set on rock. Cohen 3. RIC 43. Rare and unusually complete. Some deposits, otherwise, very fine.

From the collection of Dipl.-Ing. Adrian Lang, ex Peus 404, 2 November 2011, 2668 and Peus 401, 3 November 2010, 678.
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