An exceptional restitution denarius of Trajan in the name of Augustus and Agrippa
Lot 2306
Trajan, 98-117. Denarius (Silver, 20 mm, 3.41 g, 7 h), restitution issue, in the name of Augustus (27 BC-AD 14) and Agrippa († 12 BC). Rome, circa 112-113. AVGVSTVS COS XI Laureate head of Augustus to right. Rev. IMP CAES TRAIAN AVG GER DAC P R REST around M AGRIPPA - COS TER / COSSVS LENTVLVS Head of Agrippa to right, wearing mural and rostral crown. BMC 695 and pl. 23, 16 (same dies). Cohen 1. Komnick 51.0. RIC 818. Woytek 849. Extremely rare and among the finest known examples. A beautifully toned and very well centered piece of fine style. Good very fine.

The prototypes of Trajan's restitution denarii cover some two hundred years of Roman history, ranging from the early Republican quadrigatus struck in 225 BC down to two denarii of Cossus Cornelius Lentulus issued in 12 BC. Only these last two were struck in imperial times, thus, the series focused heavily on Rome's republican past. This wonderful coin is modelled after a very rare denarius of Augustus, issued in 12 BC to honor his close friend and designated successor Agrippa, whom we see on the reverse wearing a mural and rostral crown (RIC 414). Unfortunately for Augustus, Agrippa died later that year, followed by the emperor's grandsons Gaius and Lucius in 4 and 2 AD, respectively, leaving the throne ultimately to Tiberius. Kromnick dated Trajan's restitution issue to circa 112-113, and Strack suggested it be viewed it as an extraordinary commemorative emission struck on the decennium of the emperor's Dacian triumph, which coincided with the opening of the Forum Traianum in late 112.
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