Herod, son of Aristobulos IV and grandson of Herod the Great
Lot 2286
SYRIA, Coele-Syria. Chalcis ad Libanum. Herod, 41-48. AE (Orichalcum, 27 mm, 15.27 g, 12 h), struck in Caesarea Maritima, RY 3 = 43/4. BAΣIΛEYΣ HPOΔ-HΣ ΦΙΛOKΛAYΔIOΣ Diademed head of Herod of Chalcis to right. Rev. KΛAYΔI/Ω KAIΣA/PI ΣEBAΣ/TΩ ET Γ within olive wreath. Hendin 1252. Meshorer 362. RPC I 4778. Very rare and among the finest known. In exceptional condition for this very difficult issue, boldly struck and unusually complete, with the name of the king clearly legible. Very fine.

Herod, a son of Aristobulos IV and a grandson of Herod the Great, was made king of Chalcis ad Libanum in 41 CE by Claudius upon request of Herod Agrippa. He was the father of Aristobulos, King of Armenia Minor, and ruled in Chalcis until his death in 48 CE as a loyal supporter of his patron Claudius, to whom he refers both on the obverse and reverse of this coin.
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