Very likely the finest known tetradrachm of Antiochos XI Epiphanes Philadelphos from Antioch
Lot 2213
SELEUKID KINGS OF SYRIA. Antiochos XI Epiphanes Philadelphos, circa 95/4-94/3 BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 27 mm, 15.81 g, 12 h), Antiochia on the Orontes. Diademed head of Antiochos XI to right. Rev. BAΣIΛEΩΣ / ANTIOXOY - EΠIΦANOYΣ / ΦIΛAΔEΛΦOY Zeus seated left, holding Nike in his right hand and long scepter in his left; to outer left, monogram above A; below throne, monogram; all within wreath. SC pl. 55, 2440 (same dies). Of the highest rarity and very likely the finest known example. An exceptional piece and one of the great rarities in the late Seleukid series. The obverse struck slightly off center, otherwise, extremely fine.

Antiochos XI and his twin brother Philip I are noteworthy for proclaiming a joint rule in circa 95/4. Together, they sacked the Cilician city of Mopsos to avenge the murder of their older brother Seleukos VI in the palace or the gymnasion of this polis. The twins then split up, with Philip I remaining in Cilicia while Antiochos XI set his capital up in Antiochia on the Orontes. The latter was, however, quickly defeated by Antiochos X and drowned in the Orontes as he fled. The extreme rarity of his Antiochian coinage shows that Antiochos XI' control of the Seleukid capital was ephemeral and perhaps only lasted a few weeks.
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