Artaxerxes III as Pharao of Egypt
Lot 2189
CILICIA. Tarsos. Mazaios, satrap of Cilicia, 361/0-334 BC. Stater (Silver, 24 mm, 10.57 g, 7 h), circa 342/1-338. 𐡁𐡏𐡋𐡕𐡓𐡆 ('b'ltrs' in Aramaic) Artaxerxes III, in the guise of Baaltars and wearing Pharaonic crown, seated right on throne with back terminating in swan's head, holding lotus flower in his right hand and lotus-tipped scepter in his left; to right, round shield. Rev. Lion recumbent left; above, bow. SNG Levante -. SNG Levante Supp. -, cf. 26 (no shield on obverse amd attributed to Myriandros). SNG Paris -, cf. 423-4 (no shield on obverse and attributed to Myriandros). Sunrise -. Very rare. A beautiful example of considerable historical interest, with a wonderful lion on the reverse. The obverse struck slightly off center and with a minor flan fault on the reverse, otherwise, extremely fine.

The obverse of this interesting coin shows us Artaxerxes III wearing the Pharaonic Atef crown and holding a lotus flower, both of which refer to the reconquest of Egypt by the Persians in 342/1 BC. Artaxerxes' great victory ended the last period of Egyptian independence, but it was also the last major military achievement of the Achaemenid Empire, which was soon to fall to the campaign of Alexander III 'the Great' of Macedon.
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