A very rare dinar of Bahram I in exceptional condition
Lot 1825
SASANIAN KINGS. Bahram I, 273-276. Dinar (Gold, 21 mm, 7.41 g, 4 h), Ktesiphon. MZDYSN BGY WRHR'N MRKAN MRKA 'YR'N W 'NYR'N MNW CTRY MN YZD'N ('Worshipper of Lord Mazda, 'God' Bahram, King of Kings of Iran and Non-Iran who has lineage from the Gods' in Pahlawi) Draped bust of Bahram I to right, wearing diadem and radiate crown with korymbos and earflaps. Rev. NWRA WRHR'N ('Fire [of] Bahram' in Pahlawi) Fire altar flanked by two attendants, the one on the left wearing crown with korymbos, the one the right wearing mural crown. SNS 2, type I(I)/1ab(1a). Sunrise 754. Very rare and in exceptional condition for the issue. A beautiful and well struck piece. Good extremely fine.

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