A sharply struck stater of Pharnabazos
Lot 1366
CILICIA. Tarsos. Pharnabazos, Persian military commander, 380-374/3 BC. Stater (Silver, 22 mm, 10.73 g, 7 h). 𐑁𐑏𐑋𐑕𐑓𐑆 ('bltrz' in Aramaic) Baaltars seated left, holding lotus-tipped scepter in his right hand and resting his left on his chlamys at his waist. Rev. 𐑅𐑓𐑍𐑁𐑆𐑅 - π‘Šπ‘‹π‘Š ('frnbzw klk' in Aramaic) Bearded head of Ares (?) to left, wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with a volute on the bowl. Casabonne series 4. SNG Levante 72. SNG Paris 251-5. SNG von Aulock 5927-9. A sharply struck, bright and attractive piece. Good extremely fine.
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