Extremely rare with AM on the helmet
Lot 1363
CILICIA. Tarsos. Tarkumuwa (Datames), satrap of Cilicia and Cappadocia, 384-361/0 BC. Stater (Silver, 23 mm, 10.83 g, 9 h). Diademed female head facing slightly to left, wearing pendant earrings and necklace. Rev. 𐡕𐡓𐡊𐡌𐡅 ('trkmw' in Aramaic) Bearded head of Ares (?) to right, wearing crested Attic helmet; on the bowl, AM. SNG Copenhagen 278-9 var. (no letters on helmet). SNG Levante 79 var. (no letters on helmet). SNG Paris 258-270 var. (no letters on helmet). Extremely rare with AM on the helmet. A beautifully toned example. Some doubling on the obverse, otherwise, extremely fine.

From the collection of J.B. Haarhuis, ex Hess-Divo E-Auction 5, 5 December 2013, 25, Auctiones GmbH E-Auction 1, 18 December 2011, 54 and from the De la Tour Collection, Hess-Divo 314, 4 May 2009, 1208, privately acquired from J. Creusy in September 1985.
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