An unpublished and highly important dirham from Makka (Mekka)
Lot 3525
ISLAMIC, 'Abbasid Caliphate. Al-Mutawakkil, AH 232-247 / AD 847-861. Dirham (Silver, 23 mm, 2.95 g, 7 h), citing the caliph al-Mutawakkil ala Allah, Makka (Mekka), AH 235 = AD 849/50. Cf. Album 230.1 (for type). Unpublished and unique, a highly important discovery. The flan somewhat wavy and with a flan crack, otherwise, good very fine.

This coin is the first known dirham of al-Mutawakkil from Mekka dated to AH 235. What is more, there are no dinars recorded from this year either, making the discovery of our coin all the more important.
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