An extremely rare antoninianus of Otacilia Severa from Antiochia
Lot 2786
Otacilia Severa, Augusta, 244-249. Antoninianus (Silver, 21 mm, 4.06 g, 7 h), Antiochia, 247. M OTACIL SEVERA AVG Diademed and draped bust of Otacilia Severa set to right on crescent. Rev. CONCORDIA AVGG Concordia seated left, holding patera in her right hand and cornucopiae in her left. Bland 55. C. -. Eauze -. Ovári 55. RIC -. Tulln -. Extremely rare. A beautifully struck example with a really lovely portrait. Somewhat rough and with a thin flan crack, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
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