A beautiful rendering of the Capitoline Temple
Lot 2374
Domitian, 81-96. Cistophorus (Silver, 25 mm, 10.77 g, 6 h), uncertain mint in Asia Minor (or Rome for circulation in Asia?), circa 82. IMP CAES DOMITIANVS AVG Laureate head of Domitian to right. Rev. CA-PIT / RESTIT Tetrastyle Capitoline Temple, on podium of four steps; in center, Jupiter seated facing, holding scepter in his left hand; to left and right, Juno and Minerva standing facing, each holding scepter in her left hand; in pediment, anguipede monster; on roof, facing quadriga in center and bigae on corners. BMC -. Cohen -. RIC 842. RPC II 867. A beautiful coin with a very attractive architectural reverse. Minor roughness and with light scratches, otherwise, very fine.
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