A magnificent rendering of Messana's lighthouse
Lot 2238
Sextus Pompey, † 35 BC. Denarius (Silver, 20 mm, 3.70 g, 3 h), military mint in Sicily, 37-36. MAG•PIVS•IMP•ITER The Pharos of Messana surmounted by a statue of Neptune standing right, holding trident in his right hand and with his left foot on prow; in foreground, galley left with aquila on prow; scepter, trident, and grappling-iron in stern. Rev. PRAEF•CLASS•ET•ORAE•MARIT•EX•S•C The monster Scylla left, her torso of dogs and fishes, wielding a rudder as a club with both hands. Babelon (Pompeia) 22. Crawford 511/4a. RBW 1786. Sydenham 1348. Beautifully toned and with a magnificent rendering of Messana's lighthouse. Struck slightly off center, otherwise, nearly extremely fine.
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7000 CHF
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