The wealthy woman Pedia Secunda
Lot 1712
PHRYGIA. Eucarpeia. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Diassarion (Bronze, 27 mm, 10.64 g, 12 h), Pedia Secunda, epimelètheisa, time of Hadrian, 117-138. ΔΗΜΟС ЄΥΚΑΡΠЄΩΝ Laureate and draped head of Demos to right. Rev. ЄΠIMЄΛHΘЄICHC ΠЄΔIAC CЄKOYNΔHC Artemis standing facing, head to right, drawing arrow from quiver at her shoulder with her right hand and holding bow with her left; to left, stag standing left, looking up; to right, small statue of Kybele (?), wearing kalathos and veil. BMC 2. Martin, Eukarpeia 1. RPC III 2590. Very rare. A beautiful example of this very interesting issue. Somewhat rough and with light doubling on the obverse, otherwise, about extremely fine.

This is one of the few cases of a woman financing a coin emission: Pedia Secunda must have been an unusually wealthy woman and apparently played an important role in her town. RPC speculates that she may have been the wife of P. Cl. Max. Marcellianus, who is known from other coins of Eucarpeia (see RPC III, p. 863).
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