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KUSHANO-SASANIANS. Peroz I, circa 245-270. Dinar (Gold, 31 mm, 7.95 g, 11 h), Balkh. ΠIPΩZO OOZOPKO KOÞANO ÞAYO ('Peroz the great, Kushan King' in Bactrian) Peroz I standing front, head to left, wearing a crown with a lion's head, holding trident in his left hand and sacrificing over lightes altar with his right; in field to left, trident; in field to right, tamgha. Rev. 'BORZAOANDO IAZADO' ('The illustrious God' in Bactrian) The illustrious God (Shiva) standing facing with flaming hair, holding diadem in his right hand and trident in his left; behind, the bull Nandi, his companion, standing left. ANS Kushan 2154. Fresh and attractive, a lovely coin. Light doubling, otherwise, good extremely fine.

From a North German collection of Central Asian gold coins, formed from the 1960s to 1980s.
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