A rare and attractive drachm of Boran from Stakhr
Lot 1534
SASANIAN KINGS. Boran, 630-631. Drachm (Silver, 32 mm, 4.00 g, 4 h), ST (Stakhr), RY 2 = AD 631. Bust of Queen Boran to right, wearing elaborate crown with two wings and korymbos set on crescent; ribbon on her left shoulder, crescent and ribbon on her right; behind head, AFZUT GDH ('may her kingship increase' in Pahlawi); before head, BWL'N ('Boran' in Pahlawi). Rev. Fire altar with ribbons, flanked by two attendants; star and crescent flanking flames; to left, date; to right, ST (name of the mint in Pahlawi); all within triple border, star-in-crescents in margin. Malek & Curtis, pl. 35, 137. Very rare from this mint. Light scratches and with minor deposits, otherwise, good very fine.

Queen Boran was a daughter of Khosrau II, who ruled Persia for a short time in circa 630-631 after her husband Kavadh died under mysterious circumstances. She was the first Sasanian Queen in history, but her short reign was troublesome and she was apparently murdered after two years and replaced by her sister Azarmidokht.
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