An exceptional Anglo-Saxon thrymsa copying late Roman solidi
Lot 4729
BRITISH, Anglo-Saxon. Pale Gold Phase. Circa 645-665/70. Pale AV Thrymsa – Shilling (Electrum, 12 mm, 1.19 g, 2 h), 'two emperors' type. Diademed and draped imperial bust to right; before, cross on stand above И; behind, AΞ. Rev. Two small facing busts holding orb between them; above, Victory with wings enfolding the figures; pellet to each side of Victory's head. Metcalf 79-80. SCBC 767. Sutherland Type IIT.v. Rare and in exceptional condition for the issue. A beautifully toned and sharply struck example with superb details. About extremely fine.

This very interesting type copies late Roman solidi showing two enthroned and facing emperors on the reverse. Such imperial prototypes were struck by the Valentinian dynasty in the 2nd half of the 4th century and thus attest the long-lasting influence of Roman art on British coins even centuries after the withdrawal of Roman troops from the island in 410.
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