A very rare solidus of Licinius celebrating the 'victories everywhere'
Lot 3699
Licinius I, 308-324. Solidus (Gold, 17 mm, 4.44 g, 6 h), Treveri, 310-313. LICINI-VS P F AVG Laureate head of Licinius I to right. Rev. VBIQVE VICTORES / PTR Licinius I standing front, head to right, holding transverse spear in his right hand and globe in his left; to left and right, seated captives. Depeyrot 15/10. RIC 817c. Very rare. Some small bangs and scratches, otherwise, very fine.

The date of this important issue is somewhat disputed, with Depeyrot assigning it to Constantine's quinquennalia on 25 July 310, while Bastien connecting it with Constantine's victories against the Franks in 313. Iconographically, the reverse is a typical example of Roman self-conception and imperial propaganda: the emperor is shown as a defeater of barbarians, whereas the legend praises the vbiqve victores, the 'victories everywhere'.
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