A beautiful and apparently unpublished tetradrachm from Abydos
Lot 332
TROAS. Abydos. Circa 80s-70s BC. Tetradrachm (Silver, 32 mm, 16.05 g, 11 h), Aristonos, magistrate. Draped bust of Artemis to right, wearing stephane and necklace and with her bow and quiver over her shoulder. Rev. ABY-ΔH-NΩN / APΣΤΩNOΣ Eagle standing right with wings spread; to right, Macedonian helmet; all within laurel wreath. Callataÿ, Abydos, -. Leschhorn -. SNG Copenhagen -. SNG von Aulock -. Apparently unpublished and unique. A beautiful coin struck on a broad flan, with a hitherto unrecorded magistrate. Struck slightly off center, otherwise, extremely fine.
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