Of the highest rarity and great interest
Lot 3207
AUSTRIA. Holy Roman Empire. Rudolf II, Emperor, 1576-1611. Ducat (Gold, 22 mm, 3.49 g, 10 h), reverse type of Maximilian II, 1564-1576. Košice (Kassa/Kaschau), 1578. RVD•II•D•G•EL•RO•I•S•AV•H•HV•B•R• Madonna seated facing on crescent, holding infant Christ. Rev. S LADISLAVS REX 1578 St. Ladislaus standing facing, holding halberd in his right hand and globus cruciger in his left; between his legs, coat of arms; in fields to left and right, H-S. Frühwald 101 (2013), 883 var. (without the coat of arms between St. Ladislaus' legs, sold for 24'000 EUR). Of the highest rarity, apparently the second known example of this year and the first with a coat of arms on the reverse. Slightly double struck, otherwise, very fine.
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