A highly interesting seal of Bernard of Valence, the first Latin Patriarch of Antioch
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CRUSADERS. Bernard of Valence, Latin Patriarch of Antioch, 1100-1135. Seal (Lead, 25 mm, 12.42 g, 1 h). S / PE-T/RV/S - SIGILLV[M ... SANCT]I PETRI Nimbate facing bust of St. Peter, holding cross in his right hand and key in his left hand. Rev. +BERN-ARDVS - ...PATRIARCHA ANTIOC... Bust of Bernard holding a long cross and a book of Gospels. Cheynet, Hatay 38. Schlumberger -. A very rare Crusader era lead seal of the highest historical interest. Very fine.

Bernard of Valence was made the first Latin Patriarch of Antioch by Bohémond in 1100 after the expulsion of the Orthodox Patriarch Johannes VII Oxites, who had openly sympathized with the Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus (1081-1118). The new patriarch was a belligerent figure with a personal military entourage, with which he participated in the victorious Battle of Harran in 1104. In the imminent peril after the defeat and decease of the Antiochian regent Roger of Salerno in the Battle of Ager Sanguinis in 1119, Bernard held Antioch until a relief force led by Baldwin II of Jerusalem arrived. Bernard died in 1135 and was succeeded by Ralph of Domfront (1135-1140).
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