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IONIA. Teos. Augustus, 27 BC-AD 14. Hemiassarion (Bronze, 19 mm, 5.38 g, 1 h), circa 27-10 BC. ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ ΚΤΙΣΤΗΣ Tetrastyle temple set on two steps; within, bare head of Augustus to right. Rev. THIΩN Dionysos standing front, head to left, holding kantharos in his right hand and thyrsos in his left. BMC 69. RPC I 2511. Rare and in exceptional condition for the issue. Slightly smoothed, otherwise, good very fine.

This interesing issue shows that Teos hailed Augustus as its (re-)founder (ΚΤΙΣΤΗΣ). Unfortunately, we do not know on what occasion the Teians bestowed this great honor upon the first emperor, but it is worth noting that a Teian inscription also records the constitution of penteteric Dionysiaka Kaisarea, games held every five years in honor of Dionysos and Augustus (CIG II 3082).
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