Virtually as struck
Lot 2231
AUSTRIA. Holy Roman Empire. Karl VI, Emperor, 1711-1740. Taler (Silver, 43 mm, 28.57 g, 12 h), Hall, 1733. CAR:VI:D:G:R:I-S:A:G:HI•H•B•REX• Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Karl VI to right. Rev. ARCHID•AUST•DUX - BU•COM•TYROL•1733 Crowned double-headed eagle facing with wings spread, holding sword and scepter, crowned and collared coat-of-arms on breast. Davenport 1055. Herinek 487. MT 854. Lustrous, sharp and very attractive. Patchy toning, otherwise, virtually as struck.
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