NEA mintmark (Neapolis)
Lot 1582
Heraclius, 610-641. Follis (Bronze, 27 mm, 6.00 g, 1 h), Arab Byzantine war issue. Military mint in Palestine, likely Neapolis (Nablus), RY 25 = 634/5. Heraclius, on the left, standing facing in military attire, with moustache and long beard, wearing crown surmounted by cross, holding long cross in his right hand; on the right, Heraclius Constantine standing facing, short bearded, wearing crown surmounted by cross and chlamys, holding globus cruciger in his right hand; between their heads, cross. Rev. Large M between [A]/N/N/O and [X]X/Ч; above monogram; below, A; in exergue, NЄA. DOC -. MIB X24. SB -. Extremely rare. Traces of overstriking, otherwise, very fine.

This fascinating issue was struck in 634/5 by a military mint in Palestine, likely Neapolis (Nablus), as some examples carry the letter N on the reverse (see lot 1580 and lot 1581), while others, like this one, expand this to NEA. Whether the mint itself was set up permanently in Neapolis or moved around with the army during the war against the Arab Invaders is unclear, but the Roman rule in Palestine came to an abrupt end soon thereafter, in 636, following the disastrous defeat inflicted upon Heraclius by the Arabs in the Battle of Yarmouk.
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