Unpublished and of great historical interest
Lot 1161
MESOPOTAMIA. Edessa. Lucius Verus, 161-169. Drachm (Silver, 19 mm, 3.59 g, 7 h), with Ma'nu VIII Philoromaios, King of Osrhoene (Edessa) (139-163 and 167-179), 167-169. AYT K Λ AYP OYHPOC CЄB Bare head of Lucius Verus to right. Rev. BACIΛЄYC MANNOC ΦΙΛOP Providentia standing front, head to left, holding globe in her right hand and cornucopiae in her left. BMC -. RPC IV.3 online -. Unpublished and unique. A beautiful coin of great historical interest. The obverse struck somewhat off center, otherwise, good very fine.

This beautiful drachm differs from lots 1158-1160 above and 1162 below in naming Ma'nu VIII Philoromaios, King of Osrhoene (Edessa), on the reverse. Ma'nu was expelled from Edessa in 163 by the Parthians and replaced by his brother Waël. He was later reinstalled to his position in 167 in the course of the Roman counteroffensive under Lucius Verus' able general Avidius Cassius. Having returned from his exile, the new (and old) King added the epithet Philoromaios ('friend of the Romans') to his name in gratitude and started issuing drachms with the portraits and types of the Roman imperial family.
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