An exceptional tetradrachm of Caracalla from Ace-Ptolemais
Lot 1141
PHOENICIA. Ace-Ptolemais. Caracalla, 198-217. Tetradrachm (Billon, 26 mm, 11.56 g, 12 h), 215-217. ΑΥΤ•Κ•Μ•Α•ΑΝΤΩΝЄΙΝΟC CЄΒ• Laureate head of Caracalla to right. Rev. •ΔΗΜΑΡΧ•ЄΞ ΥΠΑΤΟC•ΤΟ•Δ• Eagle with spread wings standing facing, head to left and holding wreath in beak; between the eagle's legs, two pilei surmounted by stars. Prieur 1222. A sharply struck and exceptional example. Virtually as struck.
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