Apparently unpublished and of great interest
Lot 703
SASANIAN KINGS. Bahram V, 420-438. Dinar (Electrum, 17 mm, 6.95 g, 4 h), Sind, issued by local governors of Bahram V, the King of Kings. 'SRI' ('Lord' in Brahmi) Draped bust of Bahram V to right, wearing elaborate crown with korymbos set on crescent and holding flower toward his nose. Rev. Fire altar flanked by two attendants. SNS III, -. Apparently unpublished and of great interest. Light scratches, otherwise, very fine.

From a collection of coins from Central Asia.

This dinar was issued by local Sasanian governors in Sind, which formed the easternmost extent of Sassanian dominion in the Indian subcontinent. What makes this example particularly interesting is the flower Bahram is holding in his right hand, a hitherto unknown feature on the Sasanian coinage from Sind.
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