Three very attractive portraits
Lot 683
SASANIAN KINGS. Bahram II, with Queen and Prince 4, 276-293. Drachm (Silver, 27 mm, 4.10 g, 4 h), uncertain mint. MZDYSN BGY WRHR'N MRKAN MRKA 'YR'N W 'NYR'N MNW CTRY MN YZD'N ('Worshipper of Lord Mazda, 'God' Bahram, King of Kings of Iran and Non-Iran who has lineage from the Gods' in Pahlawi) Jugate draped busts of Bahram II, wearing winged crown with korymbos, and his queen, wearing kolah with boar’s head, to right, facing draped bust of Prince 4 to left, wearing kolah with eagle’s head and presenting wreath with his right hand. Rev. NWRA WRHR'N ('Fire of Bahram' in Pahlawi) Fire altar flanked by Bahram II and his queen holding a ring in her extended right hand; in upper field to left, frawahr; in upper field to right, three pellets; around slightly blundered. SNS II, pl. 25, A91. Nicely toned and with very attractive portraits. Good very fine.
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