The Byzantine province (theme) of the Optimatoi
Lot 1679
Konstantinos, imperial spatharios and topoteretos of the Optimatoi, circa late 9th-first half 10th century. Seal (Lead, 23 mm, 10.24 g, 12 h). KЄ ROHΘ TⲰ CⲰ ΔOVΛ, Patriarchal cross on steps, with floral ornaments springing from base. Rev. +KⲰN/CTANTIN / R' CΠAΘ' S TO/ΠΟTHP[HT]૪ / T, ⲰΠTHM/ATON in six lines. Unpublished in the standard references. Some deposits, otherwise, very fine.

The Byzantine province (theme) of the Optimatoi was located in northwestern Asia Minor, just across Constantinopolis. As topoteretes, our Konstantinos was the second in command of the theme, subject to the domestikos.
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