A fascinating and apparently unique Arab-Byantine issue
Lot 1637
Time of the Rashidun. Pseudo-Byzantine types. Follis (Bronze, 25 mm, 4.58 g, 6 h), circa AH 18-30 = AD 639-650. δ N hRaCLIЧS PЄRP AVG Three standing figures facing, wearing crowns surmounted with crosses and holding globus crucigers in their right hands. Rev. Large M flanked by A/N/N/O and II/I; above, cross; below, Є; in exergue, CON. Goodwin&Gyselen, p. 48, Class B. Cf. SB 806 (for prototype, but without obverse legend and with later regnal years). A fascinating and apparently unique Arab-Byantine imitation of excellent style. Light areas of weakness, otherwise, good very fine.

The style of this coin with RY 3 is excellent, however, it cannot be an official Byzantine issue as the three figures issue was only introduced in the RY 6 = 615/6. Furthermore, the Byzantine prototype has no obverse legend and the empress Martina is usually clearly identifiable, while a Persian occupation issue can be ruled out as the weight of the coin is much too low. It is thus likely that the coin is a hitherto unique and very unusual Arab-Byzantine issue of exceptionally fine and early style, and as such of great interest. We kindly thank T. Goodwin for his valuable contributions to the discussion of this issue.
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