An extremely rare medallion of Constantius II
Lot 1564
Constantius II, as Caesar, 324-337. Medallion (Bronze, 21 mm, 4.22 g, 12 h), Constantinopolis, 333-337. FL IVL CONSTANTIVS IVN NOB C Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust oft Constantius II to right. Rev. TRIVMFVS CAESARVM / CONS Victory standing facing in spread quadriga, holding wreath in her right hand and globe in her left. Ntantalia -. RIC -. Triton VI (2003), 1095. Of the highest rarity, apparently the second known example. Minor cleaning scratches on the reverse, otherwise, good fine.

This interesting piece was part of a series of medallions struck to commemorate the Roman victories against Dacian tribes in the mid 330s. The campaign was led by the oldest Caesar, Constantine II, but his younger brothers Constantius II and Constans were also present, hence the reverse plural TRIVMVS CAESARVM.
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