A splendid solidus of the usurper Magnus Maximus
Lot 395
Magnus Maximus, 383-388. Solidus (Gold, 21 mm, 4.41 g, 6 h), Treveri, 385-386. D N MAG MA-XIMVS P F AVG Pearl-and-rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Magnus Maximus to right. Rev. VICTOR-IA AVGG / TROB Two emperors, nimbate, seated facing on double-throne, holding a globe together, the emperor on the right holding mappa in his left hand; between them, a palm frond; behind, Victory standing facing with wings spread. Antike Kunst (1967), 521 (this coin). Depeyrot 52/1. RIC 77b. Sharply struck and with an excellent portrait. Minor marks and slightly bent along the edge, otherwise, good extremely fine.

From the collection of Regierungsrat Dr. iur. Hans Krähenbühl, ex Münzen & Medaillen AG FPL 259, November 1965, 65.

Magnus Maximus was a general of Spanish descent who made a career under the famous general Flavius Theodosius, the father of Theodosius I. In 383, Maximus was the commander of the Roman army in Britain, a province that had increasingly been disregarded by the emperors and suffered from a series of Pictish, Scottish, and Irish invasions. When Maximus defeated the Picts and Scotti early in 383, his troops proclaimed him Augustus and he marched against Gratian. The two armies met near Paris, but Gratian's soldiers deserted to the enemy, and the emperor was then killed near Lugdunum on 25 August. From that point on, Maximus ruled Britain and Gaul from his capital Treveri and was recognized by the young Valentinian II in Mediolanum and by Theodosius I as the third Augustus. However, when he invaded Italy in 387, Valentinian II fled to Theodosius I, who marched against the usurper and defeated him twice in 388. Maximus was captured in Aquileia and executed, while Theodosius I, who had meanwhile married Valentinian's sister, reinstated his brother-in-law as the western Augustus.
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