From the collection of H.C. Ernst Justus Haeberlin, Cahn & Hess, 17 July 1933, 513
Lot 210
Ti. Veturius, 137 BC. Denarius (Silver, 20 mm, 3.93 g, 4 h), Rome. Draped bust of Mars to right, wearing crested Corinthian helmet; behind, TI•VET and X (mark of value). Rev. ROMA Oath-taking scene: two soldiers facing each other, each of them holding sword and spear, both touching with the blade of their swords a pig, being held by man kneeling to left with his head raised toward the soldier on the right. Babelon (Veturia) 1. Crawford 234/1. RBW 969. Sydenham 527. A very attractive piece, beautifully toned and with a fine pedigree. Very light die rust on the obverse and minor flan faults on the reverse, otherwise, good extremely fine.

From the collection of Regierungsrat Dr. iur. Hans Krähenbühl, ex Münzen & Medaillen AG 52, 19-20 June 1975, 312, and from the collection of Justizrat Dr. iur. et phil. H.C. Ernst Justus Haeberlin, Cahn & Hess, 17 July 1933, 513.
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