An exceptional tetradrachm of Nerva
Lot 197
SYRIA, Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. Nerva, 96-98. Tetradrachm (Silver, 28 mm, 15.13 g, 12 h), 'New Holy Year' 1 = 96/7. AYT•NEPOYAΣ KAIΣ•ΣEB Laureate head of Nerva to right, wearing aegis on his left shoulder. Rev. ETOYΣ• NEOY•IEPOY•A Eagle with spread wings standing right on thunderbolt; before, palm frond. McAlee 419. RPC III 3476. Prieur 149. An exceptional piece with a spectacular portrait boldly struck in high relief, surely one the finest known. Light deposits and with a few faint marks, otherwise, extremely fine.

From the collection of Regierungsrat Dr. iur. Hans Krähenbühl, privately acquired from Bank Leu on 26 August 1975 (with a photocopy of the original invoice enclosed).
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